(Upgrade) Omnipotent Cat Eye Gel - Silver (Light Bulb)

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(Upgrade) Omnipotent Cat Eye Gel - Silver (Light Bulb)

(Upgrade) Omnipotent Cat Eye Gel - Silver (Light Bulb)


(Upgrade) Omnipotent Cat Eye Gel - Silver (Light Bulb)


Customer Reviews

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Saskia Oprins
Doesn't live up to expectations

No matter how thin or thick the layer of this is, it greys out so very much! It's even darker than the silver magnetic polishes I already own and grey out. And that;s exactly what I bought this for, as the website claims it not to grey out at all. It does. It just does.

Hi Saskia,

Could you please send us a video to show the problem? We are really confused. The product that we have upgraded to another brighter magnetic powder which is also encrypted. The cost is 20 % higher than before. It has always been a proud product.
We dare to say that there is no one in similar products on the market than us.

Is your own silver cat eye universal? Can it be superimposed on other colors to show different colors of cat eye effects? This Light Bulb Silver Cat Eye Gel is universal. We recommend that apply it superimposed over other transparent jelly nail gel polish colors and use magnets to get the brightest shine.

If possible, it is recommended that you send a video you use the cat eye gel and show the problem to us. We can better solve your problem.


Irma Castillo

My favorite out of all the items I ordered.

Absolument parfait

Très jolie cat's eyes argenté le dégradé avec l'aimant sur une couleur foncée donne vraiment de très jolis rendus.

Cindy Woodruff

This is my fave cat eye because it looks great over any color or design.

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