Deluxe Gel Polish Mystery Box

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Deluxe Gel Polish Mystery Box

Deluxe Gel Polish Mystery Box


Deluxe Gel Polish Mystery Box


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Great bundle

It's awesome,

Annabelle Idu
Happy enough

This box was part of my first order with Varnail, and it really impressed with the packaging and what I got for the most part. Additionally shipping wasn’t too bad- to the UK, it was about 2 weeks.

For the price I would have expected a little more, but it’s fine. I received some stickers, a brush, three gel polishes and two solid gel palettes. Firstly, the gel polishes, stickers and brush were great. Two of the gel polishes were cat eye gels and I love the colours that were chosen for me. The stickers were simple but I’m sure I’ll be using them.

However, my solid gel palettes, though they were colours I like and the consistency I was expecting- it looked like they were both dropped while they are open, their is tiny little dips and cracks in some of the colours of both my pallets- which is quite disappointing. Maybe it would have been better to have some protection over them. Additionally, both of my pallets were quite similar in their colour scheme, being more muted and nude colours - it would have been nice for one pallet to maybe have more bright colours.

I think I’ll continue to buy from Varnail, but maybe not this box again.

Tracy Midgette
Deluxe gel polish mystery box

I liked both of the colors for the 2 palettes that were chosen, I liked the 3 cat eye gels , also the 2 reflective gels were nice , but the 1 regular polish ...the color that was picked for that well Im not quite understand why that color green was picked out was beyond me an it's NOT something I would EVER use , but that's okay , now let's see what else was there oh yeah the stickers...the 2 I ordered separate I really glad I got those might get them again , but the ones that came in my box an there were 10 different packs ,3 out of the 10 I liked an would probably use but the others, I mean for what people pay an expect an then have to wait to get it if ur in the states...I think that some better choices could be made an then the extra one that was sent ... I guess as a Thank You it says ... Well the choice for that was pretty bad also ... I sure won't use it ( I personally don't want animals heads on my nails bears, zibra , an other , everyone's taste are different I know ... So keeping that in mind when u chose some of the things for these mystery boxes how is it that the things are really chosen??? Is it random or does a real person actually do it???

Hi dear,

Thank you very much for your feedback! It’s also a pity that the contents of the mystery box did not satisfy you completely!

But the value of the things in this box is very high. If you have a style you particularly like the next time you order a mystery box, you can leave a note in your order!

We will try our best to accommodate your preferences!


VARNAIL Customer Service Team

Lisa Menge
So Happy!

I am so impressed by what I received in this box!! I loved the bottled polishes, great colors! I loved the decals! They were gorgeous! The only thing was I got 2 neutral solid palettes, I'm not a neutral person but I'll use them too.

Shannon Blackstone

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the items in this box! I truly loved everything I got, and really loved the fact that the items can all be used together. I’ve got new ideas for at least three new sets and I just finished looking through everything! Keep up the good work. I will definitely be ordering more!

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